"It's not the Class of license the Amateur holds, but the Class of the Amateur that holds the license"


3890 AM

Texoma Traders Net

The Net meets every Saturday at 0730 Central Time in the AM mode on 3890 kHz. We look forward to hearing you this Saturday!

Net Personal

Net Manager K5YGC Mark

Ass't Manager W5TMG Tracy

Webmaster NS5F Jay

Net Control Operators

K5YGC Mark

WD5BZO David


WW9W Robert

NS5F Jay


NET Control Station

Weekly Rotations

1st Saturday TBA

2nd Saturday K5YGC Mark

3rd Saturday WD5BZO David  

4th Saturday WW9W Robert

Net History

The 3890 AM Texoma Traders Net began operation May 2005 with K5JDU, W5WN, WD5BZO and K5BAI (SK),

To the original founders of the 3890 AM Texoma Traders Net

Thank You


3890 AM Texoma Traders Net YouTube Channel  

A video archive of electronic training films, tips and training on using various test equipment and classic amateur radio videos.

3890 AM Texoma Traders Net

This net meets on 3890 kHz every Saturday morning at 0730 Central (early check-in beginning at 0700) to encourage the use of AM operation. We offer a great opportunity for you to buy, sell, and trade vintage gear. We have operators in over a 5 state area operating everything from vintage gear, solid-state, converted military and vintage AM broadcast transmitters. Please join us each and every Saturday morning at 0700 and 0730 central time. We would love to hear you and your station on the air!!!




***PRE-NET ROUNDTABLE 0700 Central***

To accommodate the various schedule needs of the group and to take advantage of pre-sunrise propagation, the 3890 AM Texoma Traders Net now has a Pre-Net check in, roundtable for short time and DX stations beginning at 0700 with the regular net beginning at 0730. If you are ‘short-time’ and/or a DX check in with or without traffic at 0700 here's a chance to 'get in for the count'. But if you can by all means stick around for the net at 0730 Central.



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Our fellow AMers in Ft. Scott Kansas

Thanks to Brian K0EFJ for the photograph



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